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Once upon a time, far, far away in a place called Bognor Regis
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Updated Bognorwood on Friday 19 Nov 2021
I have been doing some video work recently. And I've decided to more green screen and not rely on the animation. I do have something that makes sprites, but it's taking ages to make figures. And I thought I'd make that would be part of that I may still use at some point, just at the moment, just way, way too much time consuming to build things. So I'm still gonna stick with this. And still going to build the asteroid, I've got been running some tests to see what to do with a green screen, I need to build some more. Maybe build a set online, maybe 70 screens that can be part of the future video. So tonight, I'm going to try and edit some graphic files, I've made some backers with different mind test scenes like caves, buildings, even a cockpit. So that's something I'm going to use. Because I am going to try and use a little bit more face painting and then build my characters around there. There will be several, I was planning on eight. But at the moment, I've only sort of written up for four because the idea of story making basically is good to design the characters. And the story fits around. All I've got to do is do the space setting or whatever. The characters, if you fill them in properly, they sort of add to the story or make the story as it goes along. So that's the idea. Mining itself can be boring, but can imagine mining on a asteroid in deep space, that'd be pockets of gas, all sorts of things, you know? How could you make that exciting? Well, the characters would. So you could have some strange alien. I mean, I've fought about designing a hand spider. So like my hand will be seen, I've actually shot it and had it walking forward looks quite good somehow got to do something you can put an eye on it was something on say the top of my hand. So that would look a bit more realistic. I've had other ideas for that. But I'm gonna leave it just for the hands by the first of all, they've even had two things will walking and I could green, the whole handout except the two fingers. So that's another character which I'm sort of working on at the moment. You know, you get these ideas together. And I didn't maybe it'd be maybe there's some things I haven't quite thought of at the moment. But I've written a story around it. And it's not that easy. And he tried to sort of come up with characters. I mean, sometimes you you know, how do you make a character that's gonna be the hard part, you know? What can you do to make it more interesting fun. So but you know, you've got to fill that out first. Once you've done that then storyline sort of makes itself really I've had success in the future that way. The scenario Well, in space, who knows maybe I'll add in about how bad something bad has happened to work that's what part of it I mean, we always seem to be having a disaster so so that's part of it. So mining that's a bit which would be could be a bit boring, so you'd have to bring in some sort of aliens around like the alien hand and maybe the typical walkers I'm playing with it at the moment. For my ideas I'd like to sort of is have a lot of aliens making strange noises So there might be a scene like that which I'll build later. And here I've got a few sounds that are my head in makes a bit weird. But he still sort of filling in some of the characters that moment. You know, the idea of the hand came by x. I do have a friend that I to call spider Mike. And one of the stories I had in the past it got a hold of a couple of the baddies and yeah, well the ending there wasn't too good for them. got carried away so there we go. I'll use my video renegade master because I wanted somehow add some scenarios not just in the story, which I'll be writing obviously, but also for some of the videos so some of the videos will play Have some of the storyboard. So there still be a lot of dancing once I do it martial arts, but the storyboard would be so part of the screen maybe on the right and the dancing on the left. Maybe the data will introduce some of the storyboard like it does in the renegade masters. Remember, rightly, it's a alien crash warning, shoutout to renegade five bunch, some econ made quite some time ago. Yeah, I think that was 2018 Video nine. So if you look back at it, you'll see a little trailer smoke for the screen and then the rocket. So my updated rock as well. I've got a couple of ideas. Using the Mt. System I've got wave where two squares of my height so I've got a realistic looking sort of spaceship which I've built up. So I might make a website with all five rooms because I was gonna make five compartments, you know, like the cockpit. They'd be the living quarters sleeping, eating the way storage. There'll be a workspace and then there'll be the engine itself. And so that sort of kind of return is sort of like an arc has been sent to a to colonise a asteroid, and that might act out my asteroid city idea, something I've always wanted to do. And I'm gonna leave it there. But just let you know that now, which is a Friday 19th of November 2021. So yeah, I'm still working on the story for boggling wood. So, hopefully, I'll have an update very, a little bit sooner than because it's been a very mad couple of months trying to build this up. I'm even thinking about doing models. So like, Let's face 1999 from the birds, that sort of thing. Because like I say, using animation seems a lot harder than just making models. So experimenting with colour models to make the spacecraft may sort of rely a lot on the My mind test a little bit which you have done. So anyway, let's see what are still gonna make the outside of the spaceship to fit some graphics, and that's where I'm having a little bit of a problem at the moment, but who knows we have a bit of tinkering. I'll get there eventually. So that's where I'm at the moment. Okay, catch you later. Bye.

Update Bognorwood on Wednesday 22.09.2021. Bognorwood, Bognerwood. It's an idea of mine, sort of story idea. And stories you provide some good ones. In this story, there'll be some kind of special of race because I have some aliens somewhere. I'm using a programme called sprites on fun to make little animated figures. For story, Bogner would would start off in space, sort of science fiction, I suppose you'd call it. But it would be based on some material I using the minetest mining in minetest. I'm going to use some of the scenes, probably be using go to an asteroid and there'll be mining so I can use scenes from my interest in that, have done some scenes & it looks quite good. So at the end of the day, asteroid, there'll be a mining complex, and I could probably do dances. And what I'm thinking about doing is like a little spacecraft. And it will have like the cabin, the living quarters, storage, living space as well with the area to Cook. There'll be more stores, perhaps a workstation, which is like to take in satellites and fix them up. So there will be a workstation. After all, if you have something wrong with the spaceship, you'd want to fix it so it'd be a workstation so to speak. And I might have like a second deck underneath, which would be probably fuel, or, as we're probably thinking about doing as an ion drive. Maybe not the idea was we're going to do an asteroid that was coming close, perhaps between the moon and the Mars. And obviously we land on an asteroid x42. And routines would be there with aim having like the things the bad things or bad-fings we should like basically fingers with stuff. I would have myself as green screened, for some of the production. And so I'm going to add this story, but it will have a link to a video where I use it such as Renegade masters or such video I can & will make. On my video series Renegade Master, there was a meteorite crashing into Bognor Regis. So, you know, I should start doing some pictures and maybe you have an alien craft and Bogner things. Maybe it's a good idea for a meme or some sort of video story. Anyway, so Bognorwood, it's gonna be a story idea or series of. Perhaps it will reflect a little bit of now and what it looks like it's good could be better taken in a fun way. I'm going to work on that, I have created stories before, some good and some ok. So hopefully I'll be able to type some more later on and carry on with the story, this is just an update. Catch you later. End of this update, Bye.

15th Sep 2021 Update.
I am pointing the old story board web site to this one.
The old website will be worn down & archived in time.
This new website will contain story ideas for videos, etc.
One idea I was playing with was using minecraft scenery in my videos as backers, this is quite possible & I have made such pictures & videos.
Any generated scene gives extra depth & power to a story, visuals can help, creating rooms and scenes can take awhile and though a story does not need props it can help.
Especially in making a video based on such story plots and visual pictures can & have been used, this story board technique helps create a better plot, all that I need now is start writing up my characters I intend to use. (after I copyright them) The first story I wrote was a mining place but with a twist, which I intend to re-write and place here, there was one such video which I used this in which I called my renegade masters video.
215. Wed 15th September 2021.

Web site just for stories, etc - Mon 6th Sep 2021
A place to share ideas for stories & stuff.
Story board web site for intended ideas & plots, etc.
There was a time I used to turn out poems & stories.

Below will be links to new articles as I upload to this website.
Rather than have my articles spread across the web.
I wanted to centralize them, so here we are.
Website created August 2021

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